marketing coaching for actors


Actor Testimonials

"I have found Erin to be both knowledgeable and ethical. I gleaned as much from her in any one of our sessions as I did from multiple sessions with other, in some cases incredibly expensive, coaches. As well, if you need a service that she doesn't provide, her recommendations are nothing less than exceptional, despite the fact that she doesn't receive any sort of monetary kickback. Her integrity is further distinguished by the fact that other providers offer their services at a discount, merely due to her association. So...if you want someone to give you the tools and detailed information you need to market yourself as a performer, as well as initiate and maintain professional relationships WITHOUT worrying that you've been ripped off for repackaged information you could have learned from free intro seminars, then she's your girl."

- Zachary Wobensmith, Actor/Singer



"I have been an actor, singer, and voice teacher for over thirty-five years but have always had difficulty with "the business" part of show business. After working in a musical with Erin and admiring her business acumen and tenacity I asked her to help me build my very first website. Not only was she patient and calm with me as a rank beginner, she was a creative and wonderful collaborator. Erin has now become what I consider to be one of my most important partners in this "business we call show." She is always there for me, and I like to feel am there for her. Networking is the name of the game and Erin, through her blogs, newsletters, constant researching, teaching, accumulation of knowledge, and abundant energy is an invaluable resource for any actor, new or old hand. There are so many people out there who are trying to use actors for their own nefarious purposes. Not Erin. She's the real deal. Take advantage of her services while you still can before she becomes a great big star and has no time for you."

- Joan Barber, Actor/Voice Teacher