T.A.E. In The News

Erin has a monthly "Expert" column in Backstage Magazine! Here are some of her most popular articles:


Audio Interviews

The "It Girl" Summit- Erin participates in this series, talking about branding/type, empowerment, self producing, and living a life you love.

The Shara Ashley Show - Erin talks about the importance of finding balance and taking control over your career. She also talks about producing with her theater company, The Seeing Place.

Groovy Guide to Careers in Filmmaking- Interview with CA producer, Brent Altomare, about what it takes to be a working actor.

Blog Interviews

Erin was interviewed by The Actors' Embassy.

Erin was the #1 Pick in Jeff Pearlman's "Manhattanville College Journalism Draft."

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Happy Testimonials

"I came to Erin having recently arrived in New York from a much smaller market. I was overwhelmed. I wasn't sure how to market myself - what my type was, etc. Not only was Erin welcoming, and warm, she quickly ascertained exactly where I was and what I needed. She put forth a plan that was realistic. I want to emphasize that word, "realistic." So many out there make promises they can't possibly have control over. Erin isn't one of them. She meets you where you are, gives you what you need, and then coaches you to move in the directions she has set forth. The rest is up to you. But like all good coaches, she checks in, albeit never pushing herself, rather letting you decide if you need a brush up, etc. The best cost effective money you can spend." - Debbie Friedlander, Theater Actor

"I was totally happy with the service you provided, Erin. In particular I was impressed with your quick intelligence that cut to the essence of my monologues: you saw in five minutes (or less!) what I had not seen in months of studying the text. And, as one of your other testimonials says, you're very nice in the way you communicate to your students. We all need a coach who will treat us well and build us up in confidence. I most certainly would recommend you!" - Gary Chun, Actor

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