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"I have resolved on an enterprise that has no precedent and will have no imitator. I want to set before my fellow human beings a man in every way true to nature; and that man will be myself." - Jean-Jacques Rousseau


About TAE

The Actors' Enterprise was founded in 2007 to provide affordable coaching to the thousands of actors - in NYC and beyond - who want to feel more fulfilled and in control of their careers.

Many actors feel a loss of power and a sense of frustration when it comes to managing their careers. This is because there is so much emphasis on the "craft" of acting that actors rarely get to focus on what it takes to actually get in the door. Plus, actors have been led to believe that people are just "born" with business sense or they aren't, and many actors would admit that the business-side completely eludes them.

So, if we aren't "just born" with these skills, and acting schools aren't teaching them (and, trust me, they aren't) - what are actors to do?

The good news? As actors, we are actually much more in control then we think we are. Because...


The Actors' Enterprise can get you right on track! We provide comprehensive support and guidance for an actor's career in a relaxed and fun environment that is less than half the price of most private career coaching. This includes coaching on business skills, audition technique, and career development tools that can take the actor to the next level- no matter where they are starting from.



About The Founder, Erin Cronican

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SAG-AFTRA (Member)
AEA (Member)
The Seeing Place Theater (Founding Producer/Director)
ACTOR-OWN Musical Theater Collective (Founding Artistic Director)
Wilderness Films (Marketing Consultant)

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Blog Talk Radio- "Coaches Corner" (Special Guest)
Time Out New York- "Networking Offline"
Wall Street Journal - "Talk Like An Egyptian"
Backstage Magazine- "Ask a Professional"
Backstage Magazine- "How the Internet Shapes the Casting Process"
Backstage Magazine- "Breathless With Emotion"
DramaBiz Magazine- "Caring for Actors"

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